A truely unique
city building game

Buy, sell & trade digital property.

What is HODL St?

HODL St is a unique city building game that allows anybody and everybody to own their very own piece of online real estate. However, land is scarce! It’s up to you to buy, sell, or trade your property while the blockchain technology keeps your ownership safe and secure.

HODL St & the Blockchain?

HODL St provides education of this system through gamification; demonstrating how blockchain-based smart contracts can play a much larger role in global real estate operations. Over time, blockchain adoption can have a broader impact, as it can be linked to public utility services such as smart parking, waste, water, and energy billing, and also enable data-driven city management.


Take ownership from launch for 0.1 ETH, but be swift as land is scarce!


What’s the point of owning land unless you can build on it? Now’s your chance to make this development unique to you.


HODL St offers a market place where you can list your land and/or property. You set the starting price, duration of sale & end price.